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Motivational Monday: Tips for Change

So you decided to make some changes in your life to become a better you.  That’s awesome,  I personally feel change is a good way to evolve as a person. You have the want to,  but you’re missing the know how.  Here are a few tips to help start your journey on becoming a better you.

1. Change how you think.  First and foremost your thoughts and perspectives must change. Sometimes just seeing things differently gives the push needed to start the change. Even while going through the process of change  what you think will determine whether you keep going or give up. 

2. Change what you see/hear.  In order to become a better person you have to expose yourself to different things.  Sometimes your environment can stunt your growth. This includes the people around you and the places you go. Seeing where you want to be and being around  people who inspires you will motivate you to make the steps to change. 

3. Change what you do.  In order to be better you have to do better. With no actions there will be no results. It doesn’t have to be some huge step to work towards changing. It can be as simple as picking up a new habit in exchange for an old one. For example I don’t drink enough water, but to make sure I do I started the habit of  I filling my water cup every morning when I make coffee.

In order to become a better person changes in your life must be made.  Although change can be scary at first, the end result is a wiser, stronger,  better you.  Good luck!

Feela đź’‹


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