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Netflix and Chill

Yesterday when I watched the news the weatherman used two words I despise…. cold and snow to describe the weekend weather. Which translates to me TV and relaxing, because I can’t stand being out in the cold and driving in the snow. 

I decided to share a list of some of my favorite tv shows that would be perfect to binge on during these cold days. These are shows that I could not miss. I would be in total shock if someone said they didn’t watch it. Or I completely fell in love with the characters or the show. 


Not only is this show hilarious, it relateable. Not everyone can be a boss chick with bad coats and suits like Olivia Pope. Some of us are just trying to find our way in this thing called life and Insecure portrays it wonderfully. Meet Issa… a regular cool black chick who’s trying to figure out where her relationship with Lawrence; her boyfriend who has potential but is currently in a funk, is headed.  While trying to understand what’s up with her bff Molly who has a “broken pussy” and can’t seem to keep a man. On top of that she’s the only black girl on her job. Just peachy.. lol 

Queen Sugar 

Man oh man where should I start. Ralph Angel! Yes lawd! Watch the show to see him. But the story is awesome, the characters have depth, and the production is amazing. Follow the Bordelon siblings as they try to rebuild their father’s farm and mend their own strained relationship. On top of that they all have personal issues Charlie’s cheating husband, Ralph Angel wanting his past to be left behind him, and Nova’s desire to spark change in her community. 


If you think your family is dysfunctional meet the Gallaghers. The father Frank is a drug addict and drunk who gets into the most peculiar situations. Meanwhile his kids Fiona, Ian, Lip, Deb, and Carl are trying to survive in Chicago and get out of trouble. Notice I didn’t say stay out of trouble? Just watch… you’ll see


Meet Ghost aka James St. Patrick. He’s a hustler trying to get out of the street game, yet there is always a situation that leads him back to the street life. As well as a steamy affair that has him in a whirlwind of emotions. This show pulled me in one Saturday afternoon and I’ve been hooked every since. It’s a cross of Paid in Full and New Jack City with a little Strictly Business. 

Strange Things

I fell in love with show immediately. It reminded me of Ghoonies and  a twisted Small Wonder. It took me back to being a kid watching these kinds of shows. It’s based in the 80’s in a small Indiana town with a disapperearance of a little boy. While the town is searching for the boy, his friends have their own theory on what happens and begin on an adventure that uncovers more than are ready for. I fell in love with Eleven and Dustin right away. 

Orphan Black 

I am a self proclaimed nerd and I enjoy sci-fi and weirdness. Orphan Black gives me that. What would you do if you found out you were a clone? How about if you learned there were hundreds of you and the cooperation that made you still exsists? This is what happened to Sarah and now she’s on the mission to protect her clones sisters and stop the company that created them. Of course she gets help from her fellow clones. 

The Get Down 

Why don’t they make movies like Krush Goove and Beat Street anymore?  The stories that told that birth of the Hip Hop culture. I loved and lived for these movies. They were classics. We’ll The Get Down give you the feeling you got watching classic hip hop movies. It’s set in the Bronx during the late 70’s around the transition from Disco to Hip Hop. While it is sort of a musical type show, it’s still fun to watch and go back down memory lane. 

Black Mirrors

Do you remember the Twilight Zone? Black Mirrors is the Twilight Zone of the new millennium. Every episode is a new story so you can skip and choose which episodes you want to watch. The stories are thought provoking and makes you wonder is this is the direction our world is headed. My favorite all time favorite episode is Nosedive. How important are social media likes to you? Nosedive explores the new sense of acceptence through social media likes. 


What if Jurassic Park had people instead of Dinosaurs that you could interact with in a Western storyline? Meet Westworld.The host (park characters) are becoming harder to control. The park quest are losing their sense of realty. And the Westworld founders and developers are having different ideas of where the park should be going. It can become mind boggling as you try to understand who’s real or a host at the same time the story twists will keep you wanting more.

Luke Cage

So I’m new to Marvel comics thanks to babe so I had no clue who Luke Cage was. However, when I took a moment to watch the show I was YES!!!! I’m all about black empowerment and our little boys need heros too. The show puts you in the mind of blaxploitation films like Shaft and Dolemite but set in present times. What I loved about Luke Cage was he was so low key with just jeans and hoodie. He wasn’t trying to be over the top he just wanted his community safe for his people. 

Here are a few honorable mentions:

Chewing Gum


Both of these were hilarious and you won’t regret watching. Ladies you have to watch Chewing Gum… it’s almost like Insecure, but Tracey is well uhm… yeah. 
So get in your lounge clothes, grab  your favorite blanket and snacks, and make way to the couch. 

Stay warm guys 

Peace and love 

Feela đź’‹


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