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Motivational Monday: Tis the Season

Charlie Brown Christmas

The holiday season has approached. It’s time to put up the Christmas tree, send out Christmas cards, go to holiday parties, and go shopping for Christmas gifts. Yay!!! 
While this season is a joyous time to celebrate life, family, and friends. It seems as though people are more focused on decorating their homes and filling the tree with gifts. I was almost in a debate about fake trees versus real trees and which is better. I didn’t know it really mattered. 

It’s starting to feel like a competition of who can “do” the holiday season better. Don’t fall for it! Please don’t stress yourself out thinking  you have to have the tallest Christmas tree, the more decorated house, or the most gifts under the tree to feel like your Christmas is great. Christmas is not a competition. 

Remember what Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ, spending time with family and friends, and sharing the gift of joy and love. 

Happy Holidays 

Feela Speaks đź’‹


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