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Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!  Peace and love  Feelađź’‹

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Monday Medicine: What is Your Spiritual Vision?

One of my favorite podcast is The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes. This is an awesome podcast that's inspires, motivates, and challenges you to become your best self. During one of the podcast episodes Lewis asked the question, "what is your spiritual vision?" and explained how important it is to not only have a… Continue reading Monday Medicine: What is Your Spiritual Vision?

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I’m a Single Black Mother

So often I see posts and comments bashing single mothers and blaming single black mothers for the issues in the black community. I've seen post saying black mothers choose welfare and government assistance over having a man in the home. Or people saying black single mothers can't raise their children properly which is why there… Continue reading I’m a Single Black Mother

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Motivational Monday: Tips for Change

So you decided to make some changes in your life to become a better you.  That's awesome,  I personally feel change is a good way to evolve as a person. You have the want to,  but you're missing the know how.  Here are a few tips to help start your journey on becoming a better… Continue reading Motivational Monday: Tips for Change

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Netflix and Chill

Yesterday when I watched the news the weatherman used two words I despise.... cold and snow to describe the weekend weather. Which translates to me TV and relaxing, because I can't stand being out in the cold and driving in the snow.  I decided to share a list of some of my favorite tv shows… Continue reading Netflix and Chill

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Motivational Monday: Tis the Season

The holiday season has approached. It's time to put up the Christmas tree, send out Christmas cards, go to holiday parties, and go shopping for Christmas gifts. Yay!!!  While this season is a joyous time to celebrate life, family, and friends. It seems as though people are more focused on decorating their homes and filling… Continue reading Motivational Monday: Tis the Season