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Let me help you out…

I love makeup. I’ve said this maybe a 100 times but I love makeup. It’s something about the transformation that makeup gives not only to the face but the personality that brings me joy. Have you ever seen a woman after a makeover she’s like omg I didn’t know I can look this way, and then the inner Sasha Fierce comes out and they start slay in the mirror. Yes!!!! I love it. I admire a woman who takes the time to give her face a little extra fierceness, shout out to all my makeup divas. 

Now, as much as love makeup; I do have some makeup pet peeves. I know I’m not the only one who looks at other women’s makeup with inner criticism. Or you just look at a woman and starting fuming thinking why the hell did they do that. In those moments I would like to give a suggestion , but at the same time I know women be sensitive about their looks so I just keep my mouth shut and continue to glance at the area of their face I want to fix.  

Below I listed my makeup pet-peeves as well as some of my favorite YouTube beauty influencers to show the difference between correct and incorrect makeup applications. 

Putting makeup on one area of the face 

It doesn’t even sound right, but women do it and I don’t get it. I’ve seen women with nothing on but eyeshadow. Or a bold wing tip and that’s it. Let’s not forget the ever famous bold lip. Lord it baffles me, why a woman would think, ” all I need is a little of this and I’m good”. No no no. You look like I just put some eye shadow on or I just put on lipstick.

 Finish the look. Think this:eyes, lips, and face. You want to choose one to highlight but you can’t just work on one area and say forget the rest. 

Shameless Maya

Bad eyebrows  

The other day I saw a woman who cut her eyebrows off only to draw on a thin line of an eyebrow that was over her brow bone. I almost went ballistic! Bad eyebrows are the worse, it doesn’t matter if they are drawn in too much, cut too thin, or in this case completely cut off. Bad eyebrows will stick out on your face worse than a pimple. 

 Ladies, your eyebrows frame your face and if done correctly can knock off a few years. The first thing is to make sure they are properly shaped and tamed. Next if you have to fill in your eyebrows learn how to fill them in correctly. It makes no sense to fill your eyebrows in and they still don’t look good. Lastly, use the right tools. I know the eyebrow pencil and the eyeliner pencil looks the same, but trust me they are not. 

Alissa Ashley

Not blending your makeup 

So you’re just going to put that eyeshadow on and let it sit there huh? The reason it looks like you have on too much blush, eyeshadow, foundation whatever is because you didn’t blend it in. I don’t need to know where your foundation stops on your face. Ladies you have to blend your makeup….PLEASE. 

Blending takes the makeup from ok you cute to Yes Honey Yes!!!! The majority of applying makeup is making sure everything and I mean EVERYTHING is blended correctly. Hard lines on makeup is bad. Invest in  makeup brushes to make sure you’re blending correctly. I’m just going to say it… the sponges that come with the makeup is not gonna cut it. Start with a eyeshadow brush, blush brush, and a beauty blender. You can thank me later. 

Avielle Amor

Too much eyeliner 

So yes eyeliner can turn the eyes from blah and bam, but too much eyeliner can end up looking like goddamn! Honestly seeing a woman with too much eyeliner is not a really a pet peeve  I just don’t care for it. Especially when it’s too much on the waterline and it’s start to cake up in the corner of the eye.. ugh. Now you walking around with black eye boogers and black rings around the eye because the eyeliner is smearing. Too much eyeliner is just messy and not cute. 

Now eye liner is great for defining the eyes and giving you a extra pop, but it doesn’t have to Black or a thick line on the waterline. I prefer using a dark brown or gray for lining my waterline, it gives the same result as using a black liner with out the messiness of a black liner. Also, I try to get my liner as close to my waterline as possible with a fine line. Try swapping out the black liner for a softer color such as brown, dark brown, and or gray. 


Makeup is all about enhancing your face. However, when makeup is applied incorrectly it stands out and highlights your imperfections. If you’re going to wear makeup make sure to take a few extra minutes to make sure you apply it properly. Check out the  YouTube beauty influencers I listed for makeup tutorials and ideas to slay your face. I always say…when you look good you feel good. 

Peace and Love 

Feela 💋


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