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Insecure Season Finale had me like….

First thing first if you haven’t been watching Insecure on HBO, shame on you. This show is so is good and I love every bit of it. I’m not about to give you a run down on the entire season, just go watch it. It’s an easy show to binge on because the episodes are on 30 minutes. 

Now!!!! Can we talk about the finale. OMG!!! It did not turn out how I thought it would. At the end I felt like a lost puppy or a child of parents going through a divorce. I wanted to get on the couch with Issa and Molly and cry too. I was not expecting that from Lawrence and I was crushed. Even though Issa was dead wrong I still was rooting for Issa and Lawrence to work it all out. However, I can’t be mad at Lawrence for doing what he did. Especially the way he played things out. $200 or $400 I know shorty who going for FREE. Gone Lawrence. lol

What is hilarious is the tweets and social media responses that I’ve seen from the fellas. Shout out to all the men who watch Insecure, you’re the real MVP. What Lawrence did was a dope move and I don’t think anyone saw that coming. Especially from Lawrence ole R&B ass.. lol. (If you watched the show you’ll get it) At the end of the day all I can say is, “Damn Lawrence!”

I’m looking forward to season 2 and seeing how things will unfold between Issa and Lawrence. I also hope Molly gets herself together because chile she is a mess. 

Spoiler: Lawrence did give the banker chic the business. Hey Lawrence 😘 

Support the show is good stuff and I’m always down for stufff that’s by us and for us. 

Peace and Love 



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