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Olijé Body Care Review 

This past weekend I had the opportunity to try some great body care products from Olije’ Body Care. Olije’ Body Care is a black owned business created by Jennifer S. Hicks in Chicago, IL. It was such a pleasure to try these products because I am a Chicago girl myself and we are both alumni from Chicago Vocational High School.  

Olije’ Body Care is an all natural body care line made with key ingredients such as Shea butter, coconut oil, and other natural and essentials oils. Olije’ Body Care carries scrubs and body butters for the body, feet,and face. The price for the products are $10 for 4 oz products and $20 for 8 oz products. There is a large selection of scents to choose from such as Lavender, Noir Nostalgia, and Lemon Coconut. I choose the body butter in Lavender and the body scrub in Thee Electric Relaxation.Both are AMAZING!!!!

Both of the products I received came in small jars that were easy to open and to store. My body scrub came with a little scooper which I thought was really cool and very cute. All in all the packaging was good and practical.

Thee Electric Relaxation  body scrub

I selected Thee Electric Relaxation scent as my body scrub because I like to take baths and showers before bed and I like products that offer relaxing elements to help me wind down at the end of the day. My first impression when opening the product was Wow. Unlike most body scrubs, you can see the oils in the product and the scent was just right. Essential oils can sometimes be overpowering, however it wasn’t in this body scrub.  I could smell the essential oils in the product but it wasn’t really strong. It smelled really good as well, the blend of rosemary and Japanese blossom worked perfectly together to give a soft musk scent. My jar was open during my shower and it made my bathroom smell like a mini spa.  

I also liked the texture of the body scrub. Like I said when I opened the scrub I saw the oil in the product. The scrub was really soft and felt good on the skin. It wasn’t really hard or abrasive as I rubbed it in which I really like.  What I was really impressed with was how soft and moisturized my skin was after using the scrub, I used a little extra on my feel and my feet felt softer right away. Even when I woke up the next morning my skin still felt very soft. 

I would definelty suggest this product for the winter months to help with keeping your skin moisturized during the cold weather. 

Lavender Body Butter

First let me start with I love anything Lavender, so when I picked this product I knew I would like it, but I ended it up loving it. Again, I choose products to use for my bedtime showers and baths and this Lavender body butter was perfect. The texture of this body butter is bomb! It contains shea butter, organic coconut oil, and lavender essential oil along with other natural ingredients. Now I am a huge shea butter fan, but this body butter took it to another lever. The texture was smooth and creamy and it just melted in my hands and on my skin. The body butter gave my legs and feet a nice shine, however my skin was not greasy. The lavender scent was sublte where I can smell it if I put my hands or arms to my nose, which I liked because as I said these products are for bedtime so I don’t need the scent to be really strong. Between the Olije’ body scrub and butter my skin is very soft and moisturized.

All in all I was pleased with both products. I loved the fact that they are made with all natural ingredients that not only smell good but are also good for your skin. Also, the prices are very reasonable considering these are hand made products. Because of the texture of the products, I feel that a little will go a long way so you will defiently get your money’s worth. Olije’ Body Care is a must try if you are looking for all natural body products to use.

To see learn more about Olije’ Body Care products or to purchase a Olije’ body scrub or body butter click the link below.

Olije’ Body Care

Thank you again to Jennifer for allowing me to try your amazing products.

Peace and Love


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