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Tips for Maintaining Short Relaxed Hair

I've been wearing my hair short; off and on, for over 20 years. I absolutely love short hair, more specifically a pixie cut. I've been named the Pixie Killa from some of my other pixie princesses. Short hair just screams confidence, sophisticated, and sexy. Its nothing like seeing a woman rocking a bomb short cut and slaying in the process. 

While short hair can look absolutely amazing the misconception is having a short relaxed cut is a easy hairstyle. Most women think short hair  is a low maintenance. That's completely false!!!! There's no pony tail option for lazy hair days or bad hair days. Once you cut your hair short there are certain steps that has to be taken to keep your cut sexy, sophisticated, and sharp!

So first thing first. You have to have start with a GOOD cut to maintain. A good cut is determined by how it lays down . The sides and back shouldn't stick out. The taper (the shortest length of hair) should blend with the cut and not be too high up. The lining across your neck shouldn't be too high and should go with your natural hair line. Make sure your stylist is experienced with short hair and comfortable with clippers. I can't say how important that is. The worse thing in the world is a bad cut. The second worse thing is paying for a bad cut. 

If you plan on going to the shop regularly to maintain your hair, you should be going every week or every other week. It all depends on:

 A. What you can afford or B. How long your style lasts.

 If you are going to the shop regularly your stylist can suggest when it's time for trims and relaxers. Don't be trying to be cheap either and not get relaxers or trims when your stylist tells you. You're going to be mad when your hair doesn't come out how you want it. 

If you plan on maintaining your cut yourself, which is what I do most of the time, here are some pointers that I've learned along the way of my short hair journey. 

The Relaxer 

It's very important to keep up with your relaxer when wearing a short cut. The relaxer helps with managing the short look. When your hair is short new growth is more noticeable unlike longer hair. Having the sides and back of your hair smoove frames  your face and gives your cut a sleek look. It also looks really bad when your short hair is wavy or curly in places it should be smoove. In order to keep the cut manageable: 

  • Relax hair regularly. At least every 4-6 weeks. Relaxers help with laying the style down. It also helps with smoother curls when styling 
  • Partial relaxers/edge ups are a must!! A partial relaxers is applying relaxer on the sides and back of the hair. I recommend partial relaxers in between full relaxers. When your hair on the sides and back starts looking funky and not wanting to lay …. it's edge up time. 

Side note: do not relax your own hair if you don't know how. Go to a stylist. 


Once you cut your hair, it's going to grow back so trims are essential. Trimming helps to maintain the shape of the cut. Regular trims also keep your hair healthy.  It ismuch easier to style your cut web your hair is trimmed. It's my pet-peeve to see women not go back for a trim after a cut and then try to slick the hair down to achieve their original style. So to make the cut last:

  • Cut the sides and back regularly. I have to cut my hair about every 2-3 weeks because my hair grows fast and I like it short. Keeping the sides and back trimmed makes the cut neat and clean. It's also makes it easier to lay the hair down when it's trimmed.  This also includes getting lined up. 
  • Clip those ends! Even with short hair you have to get your ends clipped. Especially when you have a longer bang or the top is longer. Skipping on clipping your ends causes breakage and raggedy bangs. Raggedy bangs on a short cut… need I say more. 
  • Cut the entire head when needed. Getting a full cut depends on how long or short you want the top of the hair. You can also get a full trim/cut when you want a new shape to your short hair. 
  • DO NOT CUT YOUR OWN HAIR!!!! If my stylist is reading this she's probably cracking up. I've done it so many times and it's always been bad. Go to a professional and get your trims. If you have a regular stylist let them trim and cut your hair. They know your hair so they will know how to cut it. 

Side note: Trims and relaxers go hand in hand. Try scheduling your trims and relaxers around the same time. If not you will risk cutting the relaxed hair out

Products and Tools: 

The products and tools you use on your short hair is essential. Not having the right products and or tools will make it harder to style your hair. Also, you need the right products to make sure your hair is healthy and looks good. I mean who doesn't want their short hair to look good. 

Let's start with tools

  • Hooded hair dryer
  • Neck strips
  • Flat irons-the mini flat irons are a must 
  • Rat tail comb- metal tip is great for curling 
  • Styling combs: feather combs
  • Brush
  • Satin scarf or wrap 


  • Shampoo/conditioner- look for something that moisturizers especially when relaxing 
  • Leave in conditioner (optional) I like to use leave in to add the protein that is stripped after I relax my hair 
  • Hair wrap foam- find one that works with the texture of your hair. You don't want something too heavy that weights your hair down or too light that it won't lay your hair down. 
  • Gel: ONLY WHEN NECESSARY. If you follow my tips on relaxing and trimming you won't really need gel. Gel should never ever ever be used to mold your hair. You may have to add a LITTLE to your sides and back during molding to help lay it down. That's it. Don't be slapping gel in your hair after styling either. 
  • Edge control-to help lay your edges and sideburns. Short hair girls have edges! 
  • Moisturizer- Cream or oil it's up to you. I use both. Moisturizing short hair is just as important as moisturizing long hair. Find a moisturizer that fits your hair needs. 
  • Heat protectant- you want to add some kind of shield to your hair before heat styling with flat irons. Some protectants also aid with making the curls last longer. 
  • Styling spray/spritz-you want something that's going to hold your curls and style. Side note: this is not the 90s don't use too much product and end up with freeze curls 
  • Styling wax (optional) it's aids with styling the hair after curling 
  • Glosser/sheen: this adds that final touch to the hair by giving it a nice shine and enhancing the style 

Most styling products can be found at your local beauty supply store


How you want to style your short hair in up to you. Some women like their hair curly others prefer it sleek and smoove. Away from the face on the face it's all about what makes you feel good. Whether you want it funky or classy it's all up to you. However there are a few tips everyone must follow when styling short hair: 

  • Shampoo hair at lest every week. A good style should hold up for at least a week before it starts looking bad. Also clean hair works better for styling. Not to mention product buildup is real and not cute 
  • Make sure the mold is smoove all over. If not the hair will not dry or lay properly 
  • Make sure the hair is dry. The mold comes out better sitting under the dryer verses air drying. Never try to style damp hair…ever 
  • Use the right size flat irons when curling. You don't want super big curls or curls that won't lay properly 
  • Break the curls up. Again this is not the 90s. Freeze curls are unacceptable. Use your fingers or styling comb to loosen the curls to achieve your desired style. 

To maintain the style and curls you have two options:

 A. Master the sleeping with you head elevated technique (cute sleep) B. Use a hair wrap to make sure the sides and taper lay down while the other hair is exposed. 

If your hair is curled passed the nape I suggest option A.


I hope some of these tips helped. Like I said a short cut is the sexiest flyiest thing ever to me. However it has to be maintained or its just short hair. I truly believe when you look good you feel good so take the time to make sure you're short hair is on point.Take few hours in the week to go to the salon or do it yourself. You'll be surprised how a cute style can get you right. 

Peace and Love 



5 thoughts on “Tips for Maintaining Short Relaxed Hair”

  1. Hi Feels! I have no idea if you are still watching this blog, but I wonder if you happen to be able to refer me to any good stylists in the NYC area? I am struggling girl! Thanks in advance!


    1. Ungortunately I’m in Chicago and I don’t know of any stylists in New York. However try the web sight StyleSeat. You should be able to find a stylist in your area with the sight. Good luck!!!!


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