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Election 2016

I have to say this presidential election has been everything short of a circus. We have one candidate that’s a real politician who has experience in politics and running the government. Then we have another candidate with absolutely no experience whatsoever in politics and can  barely run his businesses. The debates have been great material for SNL, and the morning jokes over coffee at work. This election has been a whole mess. 

What’s interesting is many people aren’t thrilled about either candidate. It’s basically a matter of do I vote for the bad or do I vote for the worse, especially when it comes to black voters. Let’s be honest Hillary Clinton has done things in past politically that has us like, “oh girl you tried it”. Then we have Donald Trump who started his campaign on hate and division. So it’s a matter of choosing a lesser of two evils. 

I’ve already voted and I can say I wasn’t like, Yes! I’m excited about my candidate! I was more like okay let’s get this over it. However, I voted. I understood that while neither of the candidates are favorable, not voting would be a huge mistake. I’m hoping my vote is the vote that’s needed to keep Trump far far far away from the White House and the nuclear bomb button (I’m so serious). 

The great thing is I will be able to say I’ve lived to see two historic moments in this country : our first black president; President Barack Obama and our first woman president; Hillary Clinton. Yes I’m speaking that thing. 

At this point my expectations for our next president is this: 

  • Continue to decrease the unemployment rate 
  • Keep us out of war 
  • Prevent a recession or depression 

If the next president can do these things I’m good, anything extra would be a plus. 

With that being said go out and vote November 8th. Use your voice or lose your voice. 

Peace and love 



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