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Dreams Bigger Than Texas the Release! 

This past Sunday I had the privilege to celebrate a good friend of mine , Rahkal C. D. Shelton, on the release of her memoir, “Dreams Bigger than Texas”. It’s was so cool seeing this book come in fruition. 

Me and Rahkal around the time we first met and started hanging out

I met the author Rahkal Shelton maybe 5 or 6 years ago. We initially met through work but formed a sisterhood through church. During that time she told the “squad” she was writing a book. A memoir, to be exact, of her life. Here we are today and it’s real. 

As I walked up the steps the first thing we saw was a picture of the cover or her book. My girl did it and she did it on her own. At the book release you could see how proud everyone was of her. The room was filled with family, friends, mentees, and just people Rahkal touched, inspired, and or motivated 

Rahkal doing a quick interview

Rahkal’s mentee Toni honoring her with a spoken word piece

The room showing Rahkal love

Thank yous and acknowledgments from the author of Dreams Bigger Than Texas

It was so awesome to be able to see my girl do her thing and make this huge jump. Not too many people are willing to be transparent enough to tell their story, especially one such as this. What’s even more amazing, is this memoir is just part 1 of Rahkal’s journey. Her story is not even close to being done.

I told Rahkal I would not give a review on the book because she’s my friend and I didn’t want to be bias. Not only that, but this is her story and who am I to judge how she tells her story. I will say… the first two chapters have me intrigued and ready to dig in to this story. 

If you have a daughter, niece, sister, female cousin get them this book. If you know of a young person who is looking to find their way this book is for them. If you are or know someone who is trying to do something outside of the “norm” get the book. If you know someone with the odds stacked against them…. you already know GET THE BOOK!!!!

For more information about Dreams Bigger than Texas check out Rahkal Shelton’s YouTube video:
Dreams Bigger Than Texas can be purchased online through the following website:
Or Google books:

I already have my copy!!!! 

Peace and Love 



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