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Here Comes the Bride? 

The other night me and my boyfriend were out and someone asked were we married. When we said no the next question was when were we getting married. We both placed the responsibility on each other saying we’re waiting on the other. Eventually I told her that we were both divorced so it wasn’t a priority, just to move the conversation along. The question of us getting married did make me really consider my stance on getting married again. 

Honestly, it’s not really a priority for me. I’ve had the experience of being married so it’s not something I have to do. My marriage wasn’t terrible so I don’t feel like I need a do over. It’s one of those things where I’m just like I’ve been there don’t that.  I have people  around me getting married and I think marriage a beautiful thing, however I’m ok if it doesn’t happen again for me.

 On top of being divorced I have no plans what’s so ever to have children again. Most people get married to start a family or make their family legit, I’m not there. I’m practically an empty nester with a college student and a senior in high school. My biological clock isn’t ticking and starting over is not in my path. 

While some people will say, well what’s the point of being with someone if you don’t want to get married. My response is why does marriage have to be the end result.  Especially when you’re talking about two people who have no plans on having children and have already been married. I don’t plan on growing old alone and I do want a companion to share the rest of my life with. At this stage in my life I just don’t feel like I have to be married to achieve that. 

Yes me and my guy have talked about marriage. We have an idea of what we want our wedding to look like, as well as, what kind of marriage we will have.I’m not leavining hints and signs to him that it’s time for the “next step”. It’s not a deal breaker for me if we don’t get married.  I know he loves me and our relationship is solid in its current state.

It’s all about knowing where you are in life and being comfortable in that place. There will be people who will question how you feel and will try to push their feelings on you. However, stand  in your truth. Understand your life is for you to live and that can’t be done doing what other people think you should. The next time we get asked that question I’ll be more forward and say… eventually  😊
Peace and Love 



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