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My 40 year old self 

In less than a year, 8 months exactly, I will be turning 40 years old ( God willing). While some people dread getting older I am excited. Although I am not where I completely want to be or planned to be, things are not terrible. I have a decent job, one son in college, another son graduating high school in 2017, I am in an awesome relationship, I have to say I have a great core group of friends and family that support and love me, and I found a way to do what I enjoy which is   to write and share. So I am like bring it on 40!
 I have noticed my outlook and personality is changing and I am starting to see what my 40 year old attitude is going to look like for me. Some of these personality changes have come through life experiences and just looking at things from an more open perspective.

This is how my attitude is changing for my 40s:

Stay in my lane and mind my own business: In the past I found myself getting in to and getting put into drama that had nothing to do with me. To the point that I was falling out with people and getting upset about stuff that wasn’t even my fight. Now I find myself shutting people down when they come to me about things (especially other people’s stuff). One of my favorite things to say is: WHEN THEY ARE READY TO COME TO ME ABOUT IT THEY WILL

Allow people to do them: I will admit I was so judgmental. Most of it was because the people I was judging was either doing something I was uncomfortable to do myself, or their actions pulled out my insecurities. Now I am at a place where I am becoming more and more comfortable in my own skin and secure with who I am. I can careless what the next person is doing. It bothers me now to hear people be so judgmental.

Be loyal to myself: My happiness, peace, and overall well being is becoming more and more important to me. I am guilty of being loyal to loyalty. I will sacrifice my own happiness, peace, and joy for the sake of trying to be loyal. That sucks! I am still learning in the area, but I am making great strides.

Just say it: I can be very passive aggressive, the funny thing is it bother’s me when people are being passive aggressive towards me. I noticed I word statements in a question form starting with Why or How instead of just saying what i really feel. Now when I am expressing myself, I catch myself to make sure what I’m saying does not start off question but a statement. 

You can be wrong, its OK: I am very defensive, and I don’t like being called on my shit. I will justify my actions to my death. After having several arguments with loved ones, I learned to apologize without making excuses. OMG, it makes life so much easier. I am no longer trying to get people to understand my intentions because I’ve come to understanding that what I did hurt them despite my intentions.

I guess I can say I for-see me in my 40’s as being chill, free, and open. I am slowly getting there now, but through God’s grace I am stoked about my 40 year old self. it’s never to late to start making changes in your life no matter how big or small.
Peace and Love 


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