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Here Comes the Bride? 

The other night me and my boyfriend were out and someone asked were we married. When we said no the next question was when were we getting married. We both placed the responsibility on each other saying we're waiting on the other. Eventually I told her that we were both divorced so it wasn't a… Continue reading Here Comes the Bride? 

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Birth of a Nation… my thoughts

There has been so much controversy surrounding the movie Birth Of A Nation. Some of the controversy was very calculated to get people not to want to support the Nate Parker. Other controversy was surrounding the movie to prohibit people from seeing the movie. I have to admit with all the voices about the movie… Continue reading Birth of a Nation… my thoughts

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My 40 year old self 

In less than a year, 8 months exactly, I will be turning 40 years old ( God willing). While some people dread getting older I am excited. Although I am not where I completely want to be or planned to be, things are not terrible. I have a decent job, one son in college, another… Continue reading My 40 year old self 

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Goodwill Haul

Fall is here.... that means sweaters and booties and boots. Yes!!! I love fall. It just seems the the fashion is so chic and wonderful!!!!  While I love fall, I always feel like I never have enough tops for the season. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on tops so I decide… Continue reading Goodwill Haul