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Stop Hating

So these are two pictures of two teachers foating around the Internet and it’s causing a stir.

They are being characterized as two of the most sexiest teachers. Honestly they are, no doubt about it. However that’s not the issue. This issue is people are now criticizing the female teacher about her attire. I’ve read women saying her clothes are too tight or not professional. Yet, it’s ok for the male teacher to wear jeans,t-shirts, and baseball caps. Really? What really irritates me is this criticism is coming from women.

Some has said this woman is getting criticized because of her curves not her clothes. Either way the criticism is not from men, it’s other women. It frustrated me so much because women are quick to judge and shame other women about their appearance. If a woman chooses to dress modestly we call her frumpy. If a woman chooses to wear clothes that fits and shows off her body we call her a slut. 

We need to stop it. There is nothing wrong with this woman’s attire. To say what she’s wearing is inappropriate is crazy. Her clothes fit, she’s put together, and she’s covered. Most women just have a problem because she’s not afraid to show off her curves. Stop hating! 

Peace and Love 



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