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BB Cream Reviews

In my past post;Minimum Makeup with Maxium Impact, I stated I used BB cream. It was then asked of me, what kinds of BB creams do I use and what BB creams would I recommend. I’ve used a couple of BB creams, some I loved others just didn’t work.  

I have oily skin so I look for products that are matte, oil-free, and or reduces shine. Most of the BB creams I’ve tried is supposed to help with oily skin. However there are BB creams for all skin types. 

Here is a list of BB creams I’ve used  

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 

This was the first BB cream I ever used. The price is around $5 or $6. It comes in a range of shades to match your skintone. This BB cream is light weight and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It’s also easy to apply and blend. For the most part I applied it with my fingers. 

The downside is it does not help at all with oily skin. I stopped using it because my face would be shiny and just plain greasy hours after applying. If you have dry skin it might be ideal, but oily skin no!

Garnier BB cream

Granier has 2 BB creams. I opted for the oil free because of my oily skin. This bb cream runs around $12. This bb cream is fairly easy to apply. It’s a kind of thick so a it takes a little longer to blend.  I would apply using my fingers and a blending sponge.  It does help with oily skin but you do have to blot throughout the day to fight the shine.

The downside is it the shades. It comes Fair, light medium, or medium deep. What I noticed is the shades were too light and I see the difference with my makeup. Which is why I stopped using.
Rimmel Matte BB cream 

The Rimmel BB cream became a staple for me. The price was great at about $7 and it had great oil control. It was easy to blend and I could build my makeup with up. I wore this brand for a while and it was pretty good. 

I would still use the Rimmel BB cream but like the Garnier BB cream the shades where to light. The shades are Light, Light/Medium, and Medium. Medium was the darkest shade but it still seemed to light for me. 

Smashbox Camera Ready BB cream

This has to be another favorite. I loved how this BB cream looked on my skin. It was easy to apply. Although this BB cream does is not a matte or oil free  product it did not make me shiny or greasy. It comes in 8 shades so I was able to find one to match my skin tone perfectly. 

The downside the price…$39.  I personally haven’t gotten to the point where I’m willing to splurge on makeup. I got it in a Smashbox trial box that comes with the bb cream, hd mineral powder, primer, and kabuki brush. 

Unfortunately this Try It Kit is no longer available…sigh. I loved all of it. 

Cover Girl Clean Matte 

This is the BB cream I’m currently using and so far so good. It’s around $6 at Target. It’s easy to apply and blends well, I use my fingers to apply. It does a great job with oil control and maintaining shine which is a plus for me. It comes in 6  shades so I was able to find something to match my skin tone. So far so good. 

I don’t have a downside for this one because I’m still using it. It’s fairly new so you have to shop around for it in the store but it’s available online as well. 

Overall I prefer BB creams over Liquid Foundations. They’re easier to apply, they help your skin, and you can wear it alone or build your makeup with it. The biggest challenge is finding a BB cream that wil match your skintone because some BB creams come with limited shades. All in all I think it should be a makeup must have. 

Peace and Love 



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