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Wow Wednesday: Minimum Makeup with Maximum Impact 

I’m that girl who hates going outside without some form of makeup. So just about every morning before I leave for work I apply my makeup. What I started to notice is I was spending to much time in the morning applying makeup. There were times I was spending 30-45 minutes on makeup alone. It had gotten to the point where I was trying to wake up earlier just to have more time for makeup. That’s just insane. 

One morning I was in bit of a rush but I still wanted to squeeze my makeup in the mix. On top of being short on time it was going to be hot and humid so I knew a full face of makeup was out of the question. I did something really quick and it was perfect. On top of that, it withstood the heat that day. Since then I’ve been applying my makeup this way and I get it done in maybe 15-20 minutes. 

Let’s go:

First I appy bb cream and primer. I apply my bb cream first because bb cream does it all covers, moisturizes, primes, sun protection, illuminates… Everything. I apply my primer over my bb cream to help the other makeup I’m applying stick to my face. 


Next is eyebrows. I fill them in and add a gel to keep my eyebrows in place. I apply concealor under my brows as a highlighter and to give an appearance of a cleaner brow line (especially when I need my brows done)

I add concealor under my eyes and the lighter concealor on my forehead as a highlight… Blend blend blend!

I apply a loose mineral  powder all over face. This is a summer must have and its greats for setting your makeup. I wouldn’t recommend a translucent powder unless you want to look ghostly or ashy… Then go for it. 

For the eyes I keep it simple. Eyeliner on my top and lower lid. I usually do dark brown or dark gray liner.  I don’t do a heavy top lip. I keep it simple. Same with mascara top and bottom lid. It gives a classic look. 

A little blush or highlight for the cheeks and lip color. Usually I choose my lip color based on my outfit or mood. 

Boom I’m out the door and ready!!!!

This is great starter for makeup newbies or for makeup pros who are looking for no-makeup makeup routine. 

For the products I use please feel free ask. 

Peace and Love 



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