Fall Shoe Must Have!

Fall is upon us! Pull out your boots! I love fall mainly because of the fashion. I love a tall boot and ankle boot. It just does something to an outfit.  My new favorite boot for the fall is an over the knee or thigh high boot. Talk about sexy, chic, and edgy... this boot… Continue reading Fall Shoe Must Have!

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Stop Hating

So these are two pictures of two teachers foating around the Internet and it's causing a stir. They are being characterized as two of the most sexiest teachers. Honestly they are, no doubt about it. However that's not the issue. This issue is people are now criticizing the female teacher about her attire. I've read… Continue reading Stop Hating

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BB Cream Reviews

In my past post;Minimum Makeup with Maxium Impact, I stated I used BB cream. It was then asked of me, what kinds of BB creams do I use and what BB creams would I recommend. I've used a couple of BB creams, some I loved others just didn't work.   I have oily skin so… Continue reading BB Cream Reviews

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Are You A Race Reacher

Are you a race reacher? The moment a person of another race does something that offends you do you immediately accuse them of being racist? Or do you look to make things about race or racism when it's really not? If you do you may be a race reacher.  I heard of the term "race… Continue reading Are You A Race Reacher

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Wow Wednesday: Minimum Makeup with Maximum Impact 

I'm that girl who hates going outside without some form of makeup. So just about every morning before I leave for work I apply my makeup. What I started to notice is I was spending to much time in the morning applying makeup. There were times I was spending 30-45 minutes on makeup alone. It… Continue reading Wow Wednesday: Minimum Makeup with Maximum Impact