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Wow Wednesday: Essence Beauty Box Ending!

Back in February I posted my first Essence Beauty Box and attempted a give away.

Epic fail… But any who. Over the months I recieved some pretty awesome items from my beauty boxes such as poop-pour-ri, Madam CJ Walker hair products, and tons of makeup products. I subscribed to Essence Beauty Box because it was specifically designed for women of color and some of the products were from black owned businesses. 

Well yesterday I recieved this email 

I was truly disappointed because like I said E.B.B. was specifically for women of color. I’ve tried other beauty subscription boxes and the products didn’t work for me. A part of me would like to know what happened, I guess I need closure. I do know this is the end of for subscription boxes for me, unless another box is created for women of color. 

All I can say is wow E.B.B. wow!


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