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Monday Medicine: You’ve Ignored Your Expectations to Meet His 

One thing I’ve noticed when it comes to women and dating is we have a tendency to ignore our expectations of what we want from our mates. This usually starts at the beginning of the relationship when we’re trying to show the man we are the woman for him. We are listening to what he says he likes from his woman and doing our best to do and be that.  His interests become our interests and so on and so on. If he says he likes women with pedicures we’re keeping our toes done and maintained regularly.  Months and possibly years pass and you’re still doing the things he wants or needs from his woman. Things are  fairly good between you to but now you’re feeling like something is missing or you need more. You’re starting to notice  there are things you want or like that your mate does not do. It’s not his fault he doesn’t do those things, it’s yours. You were so focused on being the woman he wanted you never told him what you wanted from your man.

If you’re in this position all is not lost. You don’t have to end your relationship and start over. The main reason he doesn’t do the things you want or need from him  is because he doesn’t know. You didn’t tell him. It’s never too late to have the conversation and tell him what you want or need. He will never know until you open up and tell him. Be clear about it, tell him exactly what it is you need from him as your man. You’ll be surprised to see how quickly he’ll take those extra steps to do what you want or need from him to make sure that you’re happy with him. 

Peace and love 



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