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WOW WEDNESDAY:         DIY Boot Fillers

Fall is fast approaching and you know what that means…. Tall boots!!!! One of my favorite kinds of foot wear. You can dress them up or down. Tall boots are a fall must have. The only hiccup about tall boots is they can take up space in the closet because they don’t stand on their own. Now you can go to the store and spend  up to $40 or more on boot fillers and stands to get your boots to stand on their own. Or, you can make your own boots fillers for about $1. 

Here’s what you need  

  • a swim noodle -1 for each pair of boots
  • Box cutter or knife 
  • Old socks or tights

First cut the swim noodle I’m to two prices. Use a pair of boots to measure how long your stand should be. You will need a long piece and a shorter piece for each boot. One noodle should do the trick. 

Next take your old sock and cover the noodles.  When using tights cut the tights to fit. Tie the end of the sock.

As you can see the shorter cut noodle is midway along the longer noodle. This can be adjusted to fit the boot.

You can get fancy and decorate the top of your boot filler. 

I created fringes on the top but cutting the the end of the tights after tying the knot on the end

Finally stick the covered noodle in your boot and wala!!!!! You boots are standing. 

This was my closet before 

And this is my closet after 

This a a great way to keep your closet looking neat. Using boot fillers will also help with the west and tear of your boots by having them standing. 

 And with the money you saved making your own boot fillers you  can go buy another pair of boots!!!!!

Peace and love 



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