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Monday Medicine: Accepting When You’re Wrong 

One of the hardest things is hearing that you offended or hurt someone. It means that something you’re doing or did is wrong. Who wants to be wrong or accept what they were wrong? However, in order to have healthy happy relationships sometimes you have to set pride aside and be humble enough to accept when you’re wrong.

This happened to me recently. Someone I loved told me I didn’t know how to apologize.  They said I would say SORRY then try to justify my actions with a but followed by an excuse. My first reaction to this was to become defensive by justifying my actions. My reason behind this bad behavior was I should be able to explain why I did or what I did. Granted that may be partially true, I needed to learn justifying my actions does not take away the fact that I hurt or offended someone.  

Honestly I truly  didn’t accept that what I was doing was wrong until after the conversation. I took a moment to think about what was said and I understood how my actions was wrong. I also realized that I valued my relationship with this person and did not want to continue to hurt them. Once I accepted my wrongs I decided I would apologize for my actions and leave the buts and justifications out.

Here are some tips to help with admiting when you’re wrong:

  • Listen- hear the person out without getting defensive and upset. 
  • Reflect-take a moment to think about what was said. Try to remember times (there’s always more than one) when you did whatever it is you do
  • Understand- think about how your actions could be hurting the other person and people 
  • Accept- own your wrong. Yep you do it, it’s not right, and it bothers people. 
  • Correct- figure out what you need to do to stop the bad behavior. 

There’s always an opportunity to grow as a person, even when we’re wrong. Love yourself enough that your human and you make mistakes. Be humble enough to accept those mistakes and work towards being a better person. 

Peace and love 



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