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Monday Medicine: Expectations 

Lately I’ve realized that I become very upset and frustrated when my expectations aren’t met.In these instances  I will either shut down and become overally sarcastic or become snappy because I’m now easily irritated and frustrated. All of this because what I pictured when I made plans or entered a situation did not happen the way I thought it would. It took me a moment to realize why or what was causing these emotions, but now I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because my expectations wasnt met. 

Now that I have discovered what is the source of what upsets me, I’m trying to learn how to handle these situations. Some people say they no longer have expectations and they go with the flow, but I’m not that kind of woman. I don’t think it’s a problem with having expectations as long as they’re reasonible and realistic. So what should I do when my expectation isn’t met. 

One thing I’ve started doing is self checking. Sometimes my expectations may not match the reality of what’s going on., Especially when dealing with other people.  People have their own thoughts and ideas which is different than mine. So when I find myself getting upset and realize it’s because of the actions of others I have to take a moment and self check and ask myself what is the real reason I’m upset and usually it’s because the other person or people aren’t doing what I expected them to or their actions goes against what I pictured. It’s not that they’re  doing anything wrong, it’s just what they are doing doesn’t match my expectations. 

I’m still trying to figure this whole thing out, but at least now I know when I need to take a moment to see if I’m tripping because things aren’t going how I expected or because there is something going on that is really wrong. Usually it’s an expectation thing. Now I’m learning when to communicate how I feel when my expectations aren’t met and when to let it be. It’s a struggle but it’s all about growth. 

Peace and Love



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