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Wow Wednesday: 50 cent and Bow Wow… Smh 

So where do I start…. 
Lil Bow Bow aka Shad Moss has announced he is retiring from the music industry. Bow Wow announced via Instagram he is dropping a music/movie duo intitled NYLTH. Whatever that means. Soooo I thought Mister, “I’m mixed with light skin and dark skin so I can’t speak on Black Lives Matter” was already out of the music game, but now he’s officially out. It just seems like Shad is trying to do whatever he can to remain relevant. I’m guessing this retirement announcement is to create a buzz in order to get sales for this last album. Most of Bow Wow fans are almost 30 now… Sooo uhm yeah. Good luck Bowiski. 

Now… On to Curtis 50 Cent Jackson and “dickgate”. On the last episode of Power 50’s character Kanen had a scence where he had to jerk off in order to prove to Jukebox he can use his hand and handle a gun. Apparently, Mr. Jackson is a little shy and he was upset that his Peter Peter Pmpkin Eater was shown during this episode. 50cent to took Instagram and Twitter stating the editing was off, his aunt can’t watch this episode, and the executive producer; Courtney Kemp, was bogus for showing his naughty parts. I watched the episode twice and honestly I didnt see what the big deal was. Like for real it was no big deal. Knowing 50 he probably created the controversy to bring buzz to the show. I can’t see Curtis truly being upset abou the scene because you can barely see his penis. It’s like the tip and it’s really dark. 

I’m giving the WOW to  50 and Bow because they have been cutting up this week. If they can’t do anything else they can create a buzz…. I just wish they create a buzz about something that’s buzz worthy. Announcing a retirement on a career that people already felt was done and getting mad over the peek a boo penis. I can’t. 

Enjoy your hump day 



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