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Monday Medicine: Know When to Unplug


This past weekend the video of the police shooting of Paul O’ Neil was released. Paul O’Neil was shot in the back by a Chicago police officer after fleeing from a stolen car. When the video was released I made the decision not to watch it. It wasn’t that I didn’t care that another black man was killed by a police officer. I absolutely do care and my condolences goes out to that family who lost their loved one because the despite the fact that he may have been in the wrong he deserved his day in court not death. 

My decision not to watch the video was because I personally have had enough and I don’t know how many more of these videos I can take. I don’t need to continually see the inhumane way police officers treat black people to know when a black person is shot by a police officer that it was probably unnessary. Watching these videos puts me in a bad space emotionally and I decided with this incident it was time to unplug. I didn’t watch video on the news or on any social media sites. I also stayed sway from my commentary about the video. 

It’s ok to make the decision to unplug. Whether it’s with an current tragedy or just some juicy drama you have to know when you had enough. It’s great for your own peace of mind and well being. I knew watching the video of Paul O’Neil would have only pissed me off and reading the comments and commentary would have consumed me. I didn’t want to go back to that emotional place from last month with the shootings of Philando Castle and Alton Sterling. 

It’s ok to be up to date with what’s going on in your community, city, state, and country. Just like you should know what’s going on in your friends and families lives. However, there comes a times when you have to be ok with just knowing the headlines and not the details. It ok to say, I’ve heard enough. Doing this helps to maintain your own joy, peace, and overall well being. Being in the right head space will help you to understand the situation more clearly and respond with a level head. Instead of going off emotions and reacting harshly. 

Peace and love 

Feela 💋


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