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Black Lives Matter/All Lives Matter

To have two men shot and killed by police officers in just two days took a toll on my soul. One because I’m a proud black woman who loves her people and her history, the good and bad. Then two because I’m a mother of two young men and that could have easily been one or both of my sons or any other man in my family. To some these stories are just breaking news for the day or week, but to others it’s a sad reality of the racism and dehumanizing attitudes some people have towards black people. 

With these tragedies also comes conversations and debates about race in the United States. One of the biggest debates today is about The Black Lives Matter Movement. A movement that started to support the families and love ones of victims who were killed by law enforcement. The movement started with a simple but meaningful hashtag #blacklivesmatter. Now we have people who feel like the movement is singleing out other races and has been compared to the KKK. Other people feel as though it is causing division between law enforcement and civilians. There’s also the black lives won’t matter until they matter to themselves argument. 

Here are my thoughts…

Yes BLACK LIVES MATTER! It doesn’t mean that other lives don’t matter. Nor is it a tool to use against law enforcement. It also does not take away from the fact that we as a people need to stop killing each other. Especially in Chicago. What it means is it is time to start treating us with the same compassion, humility, and respect that other races and nationalities in this country receive. To even respond to Black Lives Matter by saying All Lives Matter is a smack in the face and proof that black people are seen as less than. There wouldn’t even be a black lives matter movement if more action was taken against law enforcement for killing unarmed black people or having black people die while in police custody. A traffic stop should not become a matter of life or death. 

For me Black Lives Matter isn’t just about the unjust shootings of black men by law enforcement.As long as there is systematic racism there will always be a need for movements such as Black Lives Matter. When  it comes to issues of employment, education, healthcare, housing, and the judicial system Black Lives Matter.  I live on the South Side of Chicago and some  of the neighborhoods look like ghost towns. Schools are closing due to low funding, houses are being foreclosed, young men are spending most of their adult lives in prison for petty crimes with no promise of support upon release. Businesses are moving out of the community so people can’t find jobs. Going to a good doctor is almost impossible because of the lack of insurance and heathlcare care facilties in the community. This is not just in Chicago either. Black Lives Matters in this country because we have a right to good education, affordable housing in progressive neighborhoods, and employment. 

I’m going to leave this thought with you:

Jane Elliot asked a group of white people would they like to be treated how black people are treated in thid society and the room said no. 

If other races wouldn’t want to be treated how blacks are treated in this county… How exactly does ALL LIVES MATTER? 


3 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter/All Lives Matter”

  1. Thank you Fe, for your article. Don’t forget you are not only a proud black woman and mother of two boys… you are also a friend of a cop, a black female cop. A proud one I hope? I have discussed this “Black lives matter” topic with a few white folks and other races. I’ll put this forward for the few and not the all. The few believe indeed that what the name “Black Lives Matter” counteracts is that “all lives don’t matter”. In part because many individuals not of color see themselves as embracing all life and are not inherently racists nor empathetic to Black plight. What they fail to see is that “black lives matter” is not a separatist mantra but one of inclusiveness in that a disproportionate amount of black lives are treated as still “a fraction of a person”‘. However, because of the BLM extremist, this impassionate message continues to be misunderstood or loss. BLM is a decentralized organization that has no real figure head and unfortunately multiple splinter cells/groups, have found rage and validation under the umbrella of this movement. The centralized message is lost and misinterpreted as a separatist and violent movement that condones the killing of white cops, cops and acts of violence to be heard and seen as equals. So while there are a plethora of BLM group members who preach what you know and believe in as non violence and anti-police brutality, the message is often loss in the violence. However, most Americans see and understand through this negative confrontation of violence that there are inherent problems on both ends of this debate.

    BLM… Yes. Also, “All Words Matter”.

    When you look at campaigns of any medium/organizations. One takes into consideration who they are trying to attract. It’s the organizations first impression. Most Black people I’ve spoken with have said what you have written. “All lives matter” is a slap in the face to “Black lives Matter”. Have you considered that “Black Lives Matter” is a slap in the face to “All Lives Matter”? Those who want to stand with Blacks but feel a betrayal to All lives.

    I have no doubt that the women who coined this phrase meant no harm but to highlight an inherently systemic concern. However, had the settled on “Black Lives Movement”, “Black Lives Awareness”, Black Lives Speaks”… because “All Words Matter” or should I say “ All Words Makes… a difference”. This is the point, not “Black” but “Matters”. Matters is a divisive and powerful word. Feeling are hurt on both ends, while one side sees a slap, many on the other side feels the back hand of that movement. Words hold power, as they can typify multiple meanings in todays society. Is “bad” really bad or good. Is “dope” good or illegal, Is a Nigger a friend or out right racists ammunition? Words make a difference, how you invite and invite.

    So now to lesson this misinterpreted coined phrase sting. Much like “Got milk?”… beget “Got Jesus?”, now you see “All Lives Matter”, “Blue Lives Matter”, “Flint Lives Matter”, “Student Lives Matter”. They all capitalized on a memorable phrase because the also want to be included in what “MATTERS”.

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    1. Thank you for comment and taking the time to read the article. You made some valid points. My hope is one day people will become more empathic and compassionate to one another and understand that one party speaking out for their issues doesn’t not take away from others.
      And yes I support and have friends who are law enforcement both male and female black and non-black.


  2. Saw a great video on this that said the same thing. Great post! People who take jabs at “black lives matter” don’t realize that the statistical data says otherwise. Again great post!


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