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So today at work while on lunch the topic of homosexuality came up. I was asked by another co-worker what’s my thoughts on homosexuality. This was my response:

At this stage in my life I really don’t care what other people do. Someone’s sexuality has nothing to do with me and my life and how I live. There are certain topics in the LGBT community I don’t agree with because of my own values and beliefs, however, I’m at a place where I truly don’t care how other people live their life as long as it does not empedes on mine. People need to just learn to mind their own business. 

This is just where I’m at and it is so freeing. It doesn’t mean that I have to agree or disagree with what the next person is doing, but it’s not my place to push my opinions or thoughts on someone else’s life. Especially when they didn’t ask for it. 

We have to come to an understanding that people are different and different does not mean wrong. Not only that but, accepting a person for who they are does not effect your own values and beliefs. People are different and God made us all different for reason, just accept it and move on. So many people are quick to get in morals or values debates when someone expresses how they feel. MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS! People can feel how they want to. 

I will say this though, minding your own business does not mean you don’t speak up for what’s right or speak against something that is wrong. It doesn’t mean become unaware of the injustices in the world especially the crap going on in America. That is everyone’s business and we all have a duty to speak up and out. 


Feela 💋


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