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How to deal with toxic people 

Do you want to know how to deal with toxic people? 

It’s real simple…..


 For real we all have toxic people in our lives. You know,the people that make everything about them. They always need or want something from you. Those people when you see their name pop up on your phone you cringe because you already know the conversation is about to drain your battery and life. Yes… 

This is a how to deal with those people.

Know your limits 

It is a must. You have to know how much you can take off a person because a toxic person will push the very last button and tap on every nerve in your being. Before you know it they will take you out of character and you will be damning them to the lowest pit in hell and hoping their dog, cat, and fish die. It’s never cute to let anyone get you out of character so know in advance how much crap you can put up with. 

Demand your respect

I’m not talking about  don’t come for me unless I send for you. Toxic people have no respect of anybody else’s time, money, or livelihood. A toxic person will not allow you to be fabulous and they really don’t care about you or your life. That it is why you have to tell them and show them that you value yourself and everything that comes with being you

Lastly… Set boundaries

 This ties in with demanding respect, because  toxic people will try you. These boundaries can be cutting phone calls short. Not accepting phone calls after a certain time. Having a limit of how much money will you loan. How much of their drama you will put up with. And how much of your life are you willing to share with them. Toxic people love some sort of drama even if it ain’t theirs. Who wants to be the story of the week.

I hope these tips will give someone some kind of peace of mind when dealing with that toxic person or people in their life. If you have tips on how to deal with these kinds of people please share. 




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