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That’s too much….

The other day I was watching a makeup tutorial and by the time the young lady was done she looked like another person. It was like I was watching transformers. I was completely thrown back. My first thought was that’s just too much makeup.  I’m noticing this is a new trend with women when it comes to wearing makeup and I just don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE a beat face, but I also want to be able to recognize the person under the makeup. 

When I first really started wearing makeup it was all about blending your eyeshadow, filling your eyebrows, and concealing blimeshes. Now you have to contour, bake, strobe, highlight, and set your face before you apply eyeshadow or blush. It’s too much. I’m noticing a lot of the methods that women are now using are techniques that drag queens would use before a performance. It’s insane.  

Can we go back to wearing makeup to enchace our features and not transform our face. What is the message that your sending when your makeup routine involves creating a new nose shape and changing your cheekbone structure? It’s ok to use some of these but use them to highlight those features that you love and camouflage what you don’t. 

Lets get back to loving who we are by loving what we have. 




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