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My so Called Plus Size life

I was so excited when I saw Chrisette Michelle, Jazmine Sullivan, Gabi Fresh, and Danielle Brooks kill the cover of the March’s Ebony. To see four plus size women rock out and look amazing was awesome. It took me weeks to find the magazine and I went straight to their article. The women talked about their personal struggles and joys of being a plus size woman. The article made me think of my own plus size life as well. 

I’m between a size 12-14 and in society’s eyes that’s plus size. However, when I walk in store designed for plus size women the clothes don’t fit me like I would like. Not to mention the people in these stores look at me like I’m lost. Then I can go in other stores and can’t fit anything. Clothes shopping can be frustrating, and ordering online is a no no for me. 

What I love about my body is my curves.  My thighs and legs and big, I’m a 38DD, I have a belly but my waist is not very large. I don’t have a super big but or really small waist but I can fill out dress very well. I’ve been curvy since about puberty. It drove my mother crazy because she was afraid I was going to be what she thought was fat. At one point she had me drinking slim fast. I’m not big on diets, I believe in eating smart and excerising. I have no intentions of being skinny only toned and healthy. 

 If I could change anything about my body it would be a flatter tummy and smaller breast. Having large breast can be a hinderence sometimes. For example,I ordered a  strapless jumpsuit tried it on and it didn’t fit around the breast. Had I got a larger size it wouldn’t have fit right so I had to send it back. Or there are tops and dresses that wearing a bra is out of the question but me going without a bra is out of the question so I pass. As far as the flat tummy I think that’s every woman’s dream.


At the end of the day we should love the body we have big or small and not allow society to label us. We are all individuals and our bodies are different. Like I said I’m considered a plus size woman but I can’t shop in plus size stores. Embrace your imperfections, enhance your great areas, and appreciate what you have. 
Peace and love 



2 thoughts on “My so Called Plus Size life”

  1. Great read. I definitely know the feeling…I’m the same breast wise but a.litttle.thicker in the waist which I’m working on but I really enjoyed the article.and have the same problem with shopping


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