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Makeup remover wipes and toner

In my New Nightime Routine blog post I stated that I used makeup remover wipes and toner that I made myself. I found both of the recipes on Pinterst, as you know, I love Pinterest. 

Let’s start with the makeup wipes. The original recipe can be found on I changed a few thing but the results are the same  

  Here’s what you need:

  • Face pads (I found some large pads at Sally’s beauty)
  • Coconut oil 
  • Mild soap ( johnson’s baby wash or whatever mild soap of your choice)
  • Essential oils (optional) I use lavender and peppermint oil. You whatever oil you like 

Mixed 2 cups of waters, about a tbsp of coconut oil,  about 3-4 drops of mild soap, and about 2-3 drops of essential oil. Warm in the microwave until everything is mixed together 

Push face pads down in mixture until they soak it all up. 

Cover and tada!  My remover pads usually last a few months and they do just as well as the store brought pads. I haven’t purchased makeup remover pads since last July. 

The toner is very simple. I found the idea on Pinterest as well. 


The toner is simply  half witch hazel and  half Aloe Vera gel.  Mix and shake. 

Easy peasy!  

Peace and love 💋



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