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My New Night Routine 

As much as I love wearing makeup I love taking it off before bedtime. In the past I would just use wipes to remove the makeup and call it a night. I have oily skin and I’m getting older so now I’m taking my skin care a little more seriously. 


 My nightly routine is very simple, remove makeup, clean,  tone, and moisterize.  

First I remove my makeup using my homemade wipes. I concentrate on the getting the makeup off my eyes and lips.


Next I wash my face to make sure my skin is makeup free and clean 

After I wash my face, I apply my toner which is also homemade. Toner is great for oily skin because it removes oil and shrinks your pores    

Finally I moisterize with Shea butter. Shea butter is a hidden gem that is great for the skin. It moisterizes while helping to fight  blemishes, wrinkles, and discoloration. 

I love falling asleep with a clean face that is soft and feeling refreshed. What I really love is most of the products are natural and made by me. 


Cleaning your face at night is like washing off all the stress of the day  and preparing for a fresh start in the morning. I love it! 

Good night 

Peace and love 💋 



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