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Pre-martial sex, bad sex, and born again virgins 

Last night I watched the new Rev. Run and Tyrese’s talk show, ” It’s not me its men”. I have to say the show was good and a great conversation starter. The topics tonight was about pre-martial sex, bad sex, and born again virgins. Here are my thoughts on the matters. 

When it comes to pre-martial sex, I say to each it’s own. I understand the bible says wait, and honestly I know how waiting until marriage has its benefits. However, if a couple wants to tread those waters I believe it shouldn’t be the basis on how the relationship starts or the reason to stay together. Just like if a couple choses to wait, there should be no pressure to get married and it should be a mutual decision. 

Yes there’s a such thing as bad sex. Size is too small or big…bad. No real physical attraction…bad. The other person is overly aggressive or pushy…bad. I believe it’s not the actual act that makes for bad sex. It’s the details in the act that can make the experience good or bad. 

Born again virgins. Come on now! If you decide to become celebate or abstinate that’s awesome, but let’s just say that. I’m sorry but once you break your virginity you are no longer a virgin and it’s no taking it back. People use that term to make themselves feel better. It’s almost like they are trying to erase their sexual past. I say own it! You had sex and now you have decided to not to have sex again until you’re married or never. Calling yourself a born again virgin is childish to me.

All in all I enjoyed the show and the different perspectives on the topics. Im glad it’s not one of those this is how a woman should date. We don’t need another how to get a man book,tv, anything. 

Peace and Love 💋



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