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In my 7×7 post, I stated I needed to start accessoring my outfits more. So I took about $20 and grabbed a few statement pieces to add to my wardrobe. I wanted gold, silver, and crystal pieces to get me started. I found these three great pieces that I can wear to work,dress up, or go casual from Forever 21 and Agaci

I have to say this gold piece is probably might favorite    


I have admit I have been enjoying adding an extra something to my outfits. I can see the difference from accessorizing and not. 

  I wore this piece with a basic white tee and a long cardigan. 
  This piece complimented the blouse perfectly. 

I’m also adding a little arm candy to my outfits as well. 

There’s nothing like liking how you look. It’s changes your entire mood. Try updating your outfits to give yourself an extra boost. Whether it’s adding an accessory, trying a bold lip color, or swapping your flats for a cute heel to update your look and outlook. 

Peace and love 



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