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7×7 challenge

Last week I announced I would be doing the 7×7 challenge. I chose 7 pieces of clothes and was supposed to wear them for 7 days. I did it! We’ll sort of. I only did 6 days and that’s because my 7th day which is Sunday will be spent in comfy clothes in the house. So I decided to share my experience today. 

I have to admit I was a little nervous  because I thought people would notice I was wearing the same clothes. However, my co-workers told me they didn’t notice at all. The biggest challenge actually was the making sure I took a picture everyday of what I was wearing. Toward the middle of the challenge I realized that I needed more accessories to make my outfits pop. Overall, I have to admit I enjoyed the challenge. 

First let’s start  with the seven pieces I chose 

I chose 4 tops and 3 pants

  •   Black sweater
  • Chambray shirt
  • Stripe  shirt
  •  T-shirt that I switched from short sleeve to long sleeve

Here are the looks  



Friday I wore two looks in one day  

I will definetly use the 7×7 method for the work week. I saved a lot of time with picking out what to wear for work and my laundry basket is low for the week. The challenge also pushed me to get some statement accessories to spruce up my outfits.

The key to the 7×7 challengeis layering, accesorizing, and not over thinking about what you are wearing.

Try the challenge and tell me what you think . 

Peace and love 

  • Feela💋



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