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A few months back I purged my closet in a effort to minimize my wardrobe. There were pieces in my closet that was outdated, too big or small, and just plain ugly. I haven’t jumped on the minimalist bandwagon just yet, but I definetly feel like a person only needs so many clothes.  

Today, while on my favorite app Pinterst, I saw the 7×7 challenge and thought why not. The idea is to only wear 7 pieces for 7 days.  As I was getting ready for work I figured I may as well choose my 7 pieces. 

   I kept the pieces very simple so it will be easy to mix and match. This is what is shown: 

1. Black open-front cardigan 

2.Chambry top

3. Black, white, gray stripe shirt

4. White t-shirt 

5. Blue denim pants 

6. Gray slacks 

7. Black skirt 

After the seven days I will post my outfits and my thought of the experience. Wish me luck. 

Peace and love 

Feela đź’‹


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