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Ulta haul 

I noticed the ends of my hair is very dry and I have a lot shedding. This goes completely against my hair growth goal for this year. I looked up a few products, and decided to go with the Shea Moisture brand. Ulta just so happened to have the brand buy one get one half… Continue reading Ulta haul 

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My New Night Routine 

As much as I love wearing makeup I love taking it off before bedtime. In the past I would just use wipes to remove the makeup and call it a night. I have oily skin and I'm getting older so now I'm taking my skin care a little more seriously.      My nightly routine is… Continue reading My New Night Routine 

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Pre-martial sex, bad sex, and born again virgins 

   Last night I watched the new Rev. Run and Tyrese's talk show, " It's not me its men". I have to say the show was good and a great conversation starter. The topics tonight was about pre-martial sex, bad sex, and born again virgins. Here are my thoughts on the matters.  When it comes… Continue reading Pre-martial sex, bad sex, and born again virgins 

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In my 7x7 post, I stated I needed to start accessoring my outfits more. So I took about $20 and grabbed a few statement pieces to add to my wardrobe. I wanted gold, silver, and crystal pieces to get me started. I found these three great pieces that I can wear to work,dress up, or… Continue reading Accessories 

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2016 Vision Board idea 

Every year I tell myself I'm going to do a vision board and every year I don't. I will forget to get the materials or just forget to take the time and actually do it. This year I was dead set on making a vision board, I wanted to see what the fuss was about… Continue reading 2016 Vision Board idea 

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7×7 challenge

Last week I announced I would be doing the 7x7 challenge. I chose 7 pieces of clothes and was supposed to wear them for 7 days. I did it! We'll sort of. I only did 6 days and that's because my 7th day which is Sunday will be spent in comfy clothes in the house.… Continue reading 7×7 challenge

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A few months back I purged my closet in a effort to minimize my wardrobe. There were pieces in my closet that was outdated, too big or small, and just plain ugly. I haven't jumped on the minimalist bandwagon just yet, but I definetly feel like a person only needs so many clothes.   Today,… Continue reading 7x7challenge

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Happy New Year!

Just wanted to take a brief moment to spread some new year love. I pray everyone had an awesome time celebrating the new year. I did. For the first time I went out. It was pretty cool. Here's my NYE look      I felt like NYE is not NYE without a little sparkle. The dress… Continue reading Happy New Year!