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Top 10 things that  need to end in 2016

10. Online boutiques… Uhm yeah we know you ordered your product from AliExpress on the low 

9. Dance challenge videos… No I can’t do it like you and I don’t want to 

8. Over drawn eyebrows…. Come on man! It should have died last year 

 7. Face countouring… I thought this makeup technique was for drag queens… That is all

6. Pink, silver, purple, blue hair… Unless there is a role call for the Rainbow Bright movie. Stop

5. Weave shops… So now the weave girl and the sew in girl in one spot tearing up your edges, breaking your hair  off, and damaging your scalp. Please go to a liscensed cosmetologist ( a person trained and certified to do hair) to do your hair 

4. Men dressing as women… I’m not talking about transgenders. I’m talking about men in bedazzled jeans, skinny jeans, flower tops, etc 

3. Glamorizing drug usage.. It’s one thing to hear rappers sing about drugs, but when was it cute to post on social media getting high, pictures of your  drug stash, announcing when you’re about to smoke. That’s Not a good look nor is not being able to pass a drug test for a job is whack. 

2. Honoring side pieces. Last time I checked 1st place is always the best place. People bragging because the only time they can be seen is on Tuesday between 3 and 5, or only being used for a quick lay. Where’s the benefit in that. Or thinking it’s something to be cheating. It only makes you look like a loser. You are not Olivia Pope or Fitz. 

1. Blacks dying. Black lives do matter and it needs to start mattering to each other first. I had to take my teen boys to a funeral of a classmate this year. The boy was only 17 or 18 years old. It’s wrong when the police kill us, or another race take our lives, but it’s a crying shame when we kill each other. ITS TIME TO WAKE UP. We need to learn to love ourselves and each other. Let’s go back to the old school where we looked out for each other, we were neighborly, and stuck together. 
I hope everyone have an awesome 2016. Try something new. Break old habits, and learn something different. 
Peace and love 


All images were taken from Google.com 


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