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Makeup Organizer

I recently moved and wanted to do something different for organizing my makeup. I wanted something that was functional and cute at the same time. The solution is awesome and I had to share.  

 In my old place I stored my makeup in a deck organizer. It was cute and fit perfectly on my dresser, however it wasn’t functional. 

 As you can see everything is compacted together which makes it hard to find items. Usually I would leave makeup all over the dresser because I wouldn’t have time to fit everything back in the organizer. As a result my dresser was always cluttered and I ended up having makeup stains on my dresser. 

This is my solution….

A bookcase!  

I staged a three shelf bookcase as a organizer. The first  shelf is makeup. The second is face and body care. The last shelf is accessories (hats, scarfs, and wallets and clutches). 

On the sides I added two hooks to hang my necklaces. 

Pretty cool! I copied the idea from Pinterest and I’m so happy with how it’s coming along. I still have a few extra things I want to do to finish it off. When it’s complete I’ll give complete details on how I put it together. Stay tuned! 



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