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True Friends

When we’re younger being cool and popular is our main focus. Having a lot of friends validated us. It wasn’t just how many friends but who was your friends that made you or broke you as a teen. It was so much pressure to be in, cool, fly, whatever. That’s until you grow up and life starts happening. 

It’s funny when you’re younger you need and want a lot of friends, but when you get older all that changes. The word friend takes on new meaning and it’s no longer about having a lot of friends. As an adult our circle of friends gets smaller and smaller but at the same time better and better. 

I met or discovered my true friends during some of the lowest moments of my life. Divorced, unemployed, and sleeping on my mother’s couch.  These women have cried with me, prayed with me, and celebrated my victories and years later they have become my sister, my ace, and my g. 

Dr. Jazz Sculark said if you want to know who your real ride or die’s are tell them the bad news first. It’s easy for people to be your friend when things are great, true friends are there when things are at it’s worse. You want to know who your true friends are? Start telling them truth about what’s really going on in your life and watch their response. 

Love, peace, and blessings 


This post is dedicated to my sister Mary, my ace Daneen, and my G Crystal. 


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