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Downsizing my wardrobe 

A few weeks ago while putting away my laundry I realized I had A LOT of clothes. There was barely enough space to put my clothes away because of the clothes already in my drawers and hanging up. Some of my clothes ended up folded and put to the side because I ran out of hangers!  I decided something had to be done. I’ve been seeing  people minimizing their wardrobe on you tube and looking at wardrobe capsules on Pinterest and decided to give it a go. 

This past week I went from having a storage bin of purses, a bin of clothes winter and summer, and a closet and dresser full of clothes to having no bins and being able to hang and fold ALL my clothes in the dressers and closet. Once I was done I felt accomplished and proud. However there was a brief moment when I thought, ” I don’t have any clothes now”. That is so untrue

This was my process:  

Create four piles (trash, goodwill, cosignment, and keep) Purge: go through your clothes and decide: trash, goodwill, cosignment, keep. Don’t be afraid to try on clothes if your not sure.

Purge again: go through the keep pile again. There may be pieces you’re holding on to that need to go. LET IT GO! 

Pieces that are worn, torn, stained -TRASH. Like a tshirt that had more stains than words and stretched out camis that I tied straps to get them to fit. Don’t judge me. 

Pieces that are too big, too small, dated, and haven’t been worn in the previous season-GOODWILL. The size 10 pants I brought because I lost weight and thought I was a 10 instead of a perfect 12. Not cute

Pieces that are still up to date and may have some value but are ill fitted, not as cute as you thought, or a one time wear-COSIGNMENT. The crop tanks from H&M that don’t flatter me at all or the gold crop tee I brought from Agaci that will never be worn again. 

Pieces that fit, good quality, are worn regularly, and fairly new-keep. The jeans everybody compliments me in and the 2 lbds that are 👌🏽👍🏽

I also got rid of shoes that were old, no longer being worn, or I just didn’t like. As well as old purses that were just sitting in the bin taking up space.

Below are a few pictures of the results. I haven’t had time to really organize but now that it’s less it’s still accessible  

  I’m now able to hang all my purses and other accessories (belts and scarfs)on an over-the-door hanger. I have 8 bags total now. 
My boots can now go in the closet instead of against the wall in my bedroom. 

This is pretty much my entire wardrobe now, I have one drawer for additional shirts.  This is half of my closet. 

More shoes… Mainly my spring/summer shoes. 

 Once I was finished I felt a sense of accomplishment. It was also rewarding to be able to make a donation to the goodwill. I look forward to creating new looks with pieces I have left as well as adding more quality pieces to my wardrobe. 

Stay tuned 

Peace and blessings 




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