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No more Rev. FeelGood 

Last night while watching a special episode of LHHLA, there was a panel about homosexuality in hip hop and the black community. The topic of homosexuality in the church came up. Two Preachers on the panel were supporters of homosexuality and another preacher was a supporter of the bible. Of course the preacher who didn’t bow down to make anyone else feel better about themselves recieved the most backlash. This was a prime example of what I believe is going on in the church today. We no longer want to hear the truth, we just want to feel good.

The moment the Pastor says something that causes the congregation to feel uncomfortable they have an issue. It’s almost to the point where pastors have stopped preaching to feed their member’s soul but to make them feel good until next Sunday. The sermon is no longer about being a better believer but getting more from God. 

If you look closely to the relationship Jesus had with the disciples there wasn’t many lessons to make them feel good. Jesus taught and corrected the disciples out of love, He even rebuked Peter. This was because Jesus knew these men had a plan, purpose, and destiny over their lives and in order for it to be reached He needed to get them to another level spiritually.

I believe the way Jesus dealt with the disciples was his model of how He wanted those who are called to handle the church. I can’t speak for everyone, but I am starving spiritually. I know God has a purpose, plan, and destiny over my life and so many others. I don’t need another message about the blessing being around the corner, or my cup running over. I need to understand God’s love and how He has created me with a purpose and plan to be an effective member of His kingdom. If it comes by way of correction and conviction I’ll take it because I know it’s what is needed for my soul. 



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