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Get unstuck 

There is a story in the bible of a paralyzed man who sat by a pool of healing water for 38 years waiting to be healed. One day Jesus passes him and he asked the man do you want to be healed then instructs him to pick up his bed and walk. While some see this story as a miracle, I see something different. I see a man who became stuck in a negative place and became comfortable and stayed there. 

First let’s talk about the fact that this man stayed in his situation for 38 years, although the solution was right there. It wasn’t like the water healed once a year but every day. The only thing was you had to be the first one to step in the pool to be healed. So this man sat for 38 days looking at the solution to the problem and didn’t try. Have you ever been around someone who was dealing with something or had an issue and they didn’t even try to make it better? To the point that you’re offering advice. Showing them the way and yet they choose to do nothing. It is like  they have gotten comfortable in their chaos. 

Next I noticed, Jesus asked the man if he wanted to be healed instead of the man asking Jesus to help him. Now maybe he didn’t know who Jesus was and the power he had. I still have to wonder in that 38 years of just sitting how many people walked passed and he didn’t bother to ask for help. The only thing that stopped him from getting healed was not being able to get to pool. Now I have to admit, I’m guilty of being too prideful and not asking for help. However, I’m going to at least try to have a plan to figure it out myself. Don’t ever find yourself stuck in a situation. Either ask for help or come up with a plan to get out. 

After Jesus asked if he wanted to be healed the man gave excuses as to why he wasn’t. I’ve learned that excuses are lies we tell to make our nonsense makes sense. So basically this man had came up with a lie as to why he sat at a healing pool everyday for 38years and still wasn’t healed. So many of us make up excuses as to why we can’t or haven’t changed situations in our lives. I call excuses lies because they come from a place of fear, insecurity, and negativity. Have you ever given someone great advice and they gave you an excuse as to why it wouldn’t work? That’s because they are afraid of it not so much failing but working. The man at the pool was asked if he wanted to be healed and he gave excuses why he wasn’t. 

Thank goodness the man finally comes to his senses and makes a move. It’s just a shame it took 38 years. There is no telling what he could have achieved in those years had he not made up in his mind that this was it for him. Don’t let life pass you by being stuck in a situation. Figure out a plan to come out of it and work it out. Stop lying to yourself and embrace the possibilties of change. Come to your  senses now and start making moves. 

Live your life

Peace and blessings 


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