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Stop Doing Start Being

Lately I’ve been listening to Pastor Toure’ Roberts of One Church LA. This past week he said something about how people are striving to do and not focusing on trying to be. This really stuck out to me because I am guilty of feeling like I need to be doing more. Whether it’s with my blog, finding other sources of income, or whatever.  However through PT’s message I understand that once you master being who you are the doing comes naturally.

Pastor Roberts  said the first thing we ask each other is, “what are you doing?” I hate that question although I’m quick to ask someone that. I really hate it when I feel like I have nothing going on and the other person is running off a list projects, businesses, ideas Etc. It makes me feel lazy and forces me to start comparing my life to others. I’m sure I’m not the only one. You look on social media and see the people you’re following starting businesses, traveling, buying property, whatever and it makes you wonder what am I not doing or doing wrong. Then you put yourself in this race and find yourself trying to compete with other people who are probably in the same struggle as you. 

The sad thing is we are so focused on doing this and that, we don’t even realize who we are or who we were created by. We were all created by the ultimate creator and He does not make duplicates. When you were created your purpose, gift, and individuality was designed only for you. Our ultimate goal should be trying to be the best at what we were created for. Not trying to achieve more than someone else by trying to out do everyone else.  There would be no need for competition because there would be no one to try and out do and nothing to compete for. 

 How can you compete with someone else at being you? No one can successfully do you, just like its a waste of time to try and do or outdo someone else. Granted we can try to copy someone’s style but that’s all it will ever be but a duplicate. Why lower yourself to someone’s carbon copy  when you were created to be an individual masterpiece?

Focus on being who you were created to be and understand who you are. The doing will come as you be who you are. 

Don’t do you, be you. Learn the difference. 

Feela 💋


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