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True Friends

When we're younger being cool and popular is our main focus. Having a lot of friends validated us. It wasn't just how many friends but who was your friends that made you or broke you as a teen. It was so much pressure to be in, cool, fly, whatever. That's until you grow up and… Continue reading True Friends

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Downsizing my wardrobe 

A few weeks ago while putting away my laundry I realized I had A LOT of clothes. There was barely enough space to put my clothes away because of the clothes already in my drawers and hanging up. Some of my clothes ended up folded and put to the side because I ran out of… Continue reading Downsizing my wardrobe 

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No more Rev. FeelGood 

Last night while watching a special episode of LHHLA, there was a panel about homosexuality in hip hop and the black community. The topic of homosexuality in the church came up. Two Preachers on the panel were supporters of homosexuality and another preacher was a supporter of the bible. Of course the preacher who didn't… Continue reading No more Rev. FeelGood 

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Get unstuck 

There is a story in the bible of a paralyzed man who sat by a pool of healing water for 38 years waiting to be healed. One day Jesus passes him and he asked the man do you want to be healed then instructs him to pick up his bed and walk. While some see… Continue reading Get unstuck 

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Stop Doing Start Being

Lately I've been listening to Pastor Toure' Roberts of One Church LA. This past week he said something about how people are striving to do and not focusing on trying to be. This really stuck out to me because I am guilty of feeling like I need to be doing more. Whether it's with my… Continue reading Stop Doing Start Being