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We hate to Hear Truth

Most people say they want their friends, partners, and family to be honest with them. We bash people for being liers or not being upfront. However, the moment someone is open, honest, and upfront its a problem. We take the truth as an attack on us. We get offended with the truth because it’s not what we want to hear. 

I’m so guilty of this. When I hear the gut punching truth, my first reaction is to defend myself. I make excuses and try to find fault in the person who is speaking the truth. If someone else’s truth is not what I want to hear I can’t accept it. I really have an issue with criticism. I want others to accept my effort, even when I could probably do better and they are trying to get me to my full potential.  

The beauty of the hearing  the truth can help us be better and grow. The first step is to listen without becoming defensive. Next understand it’s not a personal attack. Take what you can from it and leave the rest. Lastly, you have to respect a person’s truth even if it’s not yours. Yes the truth hurts but lies are even more harmful. 


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