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Get Cute Quick

Last Friday I came home from work and plopped right on the couch to start watching this movie. I had no plans and decided I would put off my usual girly routine until the morning. My boyfriend texts me and before you know it, we were going out in about two hours. Let the marathon begin. I must say i was impressed with how fast I got together at the last minute. I decided to share my tips on how to get cute quick.



Hop in the shower first.  Shave legs, underarms, and your girly parts while in the shower. Also, if you’re in between pedicures use a body scrub on your legs and feet to soften your skin. This is also a great time to wash your hair in needed.


If you haven’t figured out what you’re wearing or need to press out a few wrinkles, after the shower is perfect because you have time to air dry.


Next paint your toes. I would suggest using the same polish that’s already on your toes and just touching up depending on how bad the polish is. If you’re like me and hate walking around bare foot; cut the toes out of a pair of old socks, put some lotion on your feet, and walk around with the socks on. Not only are you giving your toes time to dry you are moisturizing your feet.


Now move to hair and make up while your feet are drying. I would suggest going for a very simple style like a messy bun for my longer haired girls or something smooth and sleek for my short haired sisters. Depending on the weather, a cute wash and go never fails.

Makeup should be simple also. My go-to makeup is primer, bb cream, pressed power, blush, mascara, eye liner, and a colored lip. Fill in your eye brows if you must. For the eye shadow girls apply color to the lids and highlight the brow. Bam!!! Face on fleek in five minutes.

If you have nail polish on your fingers and its chipping. Just take it off. Don’t try to reapply or touch up. You do not  have time to wait for the nail polish to dry.

Lastly get dressed. Don’t forget to accessorize.

By the time the doorbell rings or you get the, “I’m here” text. You are looking like a million bucks. He would never guess you was just on the couch in baggy joggers and t-shirt.


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