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Light Girls

I finally got a chance to watch the documentary on light skin girls. As a light skin woman it was easy to relate to a lot of what was being said. Being treated differently by your own race, feeling as though you’re not black enough, having people place judgement because of your color. Whenever the conversation about light vs dark is had it seems as though light skin people are having to defend or prove their struggle to dark skin people. The idea that because light means easy street it crazy to me, especially when it’s dark skin people who think we have it easy and because of this gives light skin people a hard time.

My family is predominantly dark skin. I was my grandmother’s only light skin grandchild until my sister was born. I can’t recall being treated differently by my family. My cousins would make jokes and call me names, but they never made me feel like an outsider because I was light skin. To this day my cousin call’s me, “white girl”. It doesn’t bother me because I know she’s not calling me that to be mean. I think because I wasn’t treated differently it didn’t make me feel like I was better than or so much different than my dark skin family members or people in general. However, it was my encounters with people outside my family that made me aware of the whole light skin vs dark skin struggle in the black community.

When it comes to the struggle of light skin verses dark skin, I believe the struggle is not having empathy for the other. As black woman we have to remember that first and foremost we are sisters. We all have struggles some similar others different yet we struggle. The Willie Lynch ideas that has effected our race from slavery most stop. In the end we are all black despite how light or dark our complexion is. At the end of the day we are all black and our complexion will not stop other races from treating us differently. The self hate in our race must end, especially with the light vs dark skin.

I started this entry writing about the basic things light skin women complain about; be asked im about your race, dating, people passing judgement. However, I realized I was doing what most people do when it comes to talking about their complexion by magnifying my struggles. I soon realized doing this was only feeding into the whole light skin vs dark skin battle. The battle will only stop until we love the skin we are in and realize as black women we all have struggles and face obstacles no matter what out complexion.



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