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You’re mad at her, but he cheated!?


One thing I don’t understand about women is their reaction to finding out they have been cheated on. Not only their reaction to being cheated on but when they find out their man has moved on, the first thing she will do is go after whomever their mate is now seeing or cheated with. I don’t get that. Instead of being mad at them get mad at your mate.

A woman will try and make the other woman’s life a living hell because her man cheated. They try to fight her, call her out on social media, smear her name whatever she can to show her anger towards this woman. There is even a website now focusing on outing the woman a man cheated with. Woman will even go so far to say the other woman ruined her relationship. As though this man didn’t nothing at all. They do all this and in some cases forgive their man.

I’ve never been in the position as the other woman (not saying I’ve never been a side chick. It ended before he got caught.) I have been cheated on. My attack was not on her, but him. He was the one to lie and betray me. In one case, I had one conversation with the “other woman” afterwards she was a non-factor. My issue wasn’t with her so there was no need to to continue communicating with her. However he saw my hurt and I made my disappointment and anger clear to him.

Women also will cut up if they find out their ex has moved on. Now I’m not talking about throwing a little shade. I mean straight out having it in for this woman just because her ex is with them. What’s crazy is in some cases there was no chance of the two ever getting back together, however just because he has moved on and seems just a little happy or content she’s mad.

I have been the new girl on several occasions and I’m sure many women can relate. One situation the ex thought their was a chance of the relationship staying together. Now granted the guy was a guilty of leading her on, however when he decided he was ready to move on the ex tried to come for me. She researched me, tried to embarrass, and threaten to come to my job. She was angry and I’m sure hurt he no longer wanted her. Her plan was to try and scare me away. Not realizing that in the end he didn’t want to be with her regardless.

Going off on the other woman or hating on the new girl only makes you look crazy and bitter. Now if the other woman is your girl or the new girl is someone in your circle, there is a little room to come after her. However if you don’t know this woman your beef is not with her. She doesn’t know you or owe you any kind of loyalty. It was he who did wrong and it’s he you should express your anger to.


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