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Get Yours!


It really bugs me to hear women talk about sex like they are offering a service, or like they have no say in what goes on in the bedroom. They say things like, ” he’s not into that” or “we don’t have to do all that” or the ultimate “all he wants”. What! What abut what you want and desire sexually.

I don’t believe that because your man isn’t into something that your needs or desires have to be discarded. It makes no sense to lay down with someone and get up partially satisfied. Why cheat yourself in an experience that should be satisfying to both parties.

You can’t expect a man to be into what you might want sexually because he’s a man. His physical desires are different than yours. That is why what ever it is you desire physically has to be introduced to him. Often times men look for women to take the initiative in the bedroom. You can’t wait on him to spice things up. The key is for him to be open minded and you be creative.

Sex should be fun for both parties and everyone should walk away happy. Those things you think he’s not into, might be what he needs to give you the night you want. So get the wine, light the candles, put on a sexy number, play the music or movie, whip out the toys and lube, hell invite a friend if you want. Get yours girlfriend.


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