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Tapping into Your Sexy


There comes a time in a woman’s life where she loses her sexy. It can come from life changing experiences such as marriage, having children, or getting older. Sometimes we gain weight and become unhappy in our skin. Whatever the reason, when we lose our sexy it can be difficult to get it back. I lost my sexy during my marriage and after being divorced for a few years I’m getting it back.

Like a lot of women I became comfortable with who I became and lost who I was. I was and still am a fun, confident, woman with my own style. I have heard and hear I’m sexy a lot. However, something was still missing. It wasn’t until I started dating someone seriously that I realized, I lost my sexy. Now I am slowly resurrecting the old more feistier me. If you’re looking to tap into your sexy here’s a few tips:

1. Go back down memory lane. Take a moment to remember who you were and the things you did before you became Plain Jane, Susie Homemaker, whoever. When I took my stroll through “I remember when”,I honestly broke into tears and cried. I couldn’t believe how I let this person go. That moment I realized it was time for a change.

2. Step out of your comfort zone. This is the biggest challenge. It’s also kind of ironic. There was a point in your life that whatever you did to be or feel sexy came naturally. However, this move will build your confidence and boost your ego. Whether it’s wearing a sexy dress, strutting in heels, putting on cute undies, or simply doing your makeup. Just do it!!!

3. Pace yourself and have fun. Sexiness is all about being confident. Do little things to gain your confidence over time. The more confident you become the sex appeal grows. You’ll be surprised what you will find yourself doing or wanting to.

Here are a just a few things that can be done to tap into your sexy:

Take off the cotton granny panties put on something lacy.
Try a new lip color… RED!!!! (Nothing is more sexier than a red lip)
Color your hair or try a new style
Put on that dress you always say,” I can never wear that again”. Yes you can!!!
Slip into something sexy at bedtime!
Have a girls night or date night and dress up.



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